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Born as a new venture in an existing family business in petrochemical sector dating back to 1978, Petrosol Trading (LLC) was established in Dubai in 2007. Inspired by the great success of our past, in tune with the pace of the market, guided by the rich experience of our management and driven by passion, Petrosol is always heading forward towards a brighter future.Supported by a global network of suppliers and customers, Petrosol is headquartered in Dubai with multiple storage facilities across the region. 

A dedicated sales and logistics team is what Petrosol relies on for the ultimate objective of exceeding your expectations and gaining your absolute satisfaction. No matter what comes our way, we will be on your side to fulfill your market needs.

Petrosol, our company name, represent us and what we do. We provide petrochemical solutions covering a complete range of products that includes, but is not limited to solvents, polymers, monomers, acrylates, glycols, esters, ketones, hydrocarbons, alcohols and specialties.


Our mission is to create strong linkages across the markets by means of providing complete solutions to our suppliers and customers where our name radiates trust, our price is most competitive, our service is distinguished for excellence and consistency, and our products are known for their highest quality.


Our vision is to transform the petrochemical industry for all parties involved so that the market environment becomes more efficient, more dynamic, and more knowledgeable.

PETROSOL is one of the largest Chemical Suppliers in the Middle East and North Africa

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